Is There Any Natural Remedy for Insomnia?

By William Wallace

If you have trouble sleeping, like other 20% of the Americans, either not being able to fall asleep, or waking up prematurely and being unable to get back to sleep, than you should probably listen to some of the things recommended by different people. Some of them are experts in this field, having even a PhD; others are just insomnia sufferers who tested some suggestions and found out that in their case it worked. In any case, experiment and stick to what may work for you. The following sleeping tips are compiled from various sources.

* The bed should be used only for sleeping, and not for other activities, like reading, working, watching TV and so on.

* If you've tried to get asleep and you weren't able, you've just laid down on your bad try the classical sheep counting or not the less classical backwards counting (for example from 100, or you may increase the number) in order to stop your mind from thinking on the problems you had the previous day or problems that are in front of you.

* Breathe deeply for awhile, using the diaphragm.

* You can view in your mind some nice and peaceful place.

* Read something very boring.

* Following a set bedtime program is important for a healthy sleep.

* Stick to a set bedtime hour, and don't change it. Around 10 pm is a good time.

* Don't use caffeinated beverages before sleeping (and we are not speaking only about coffee, but also about any other caffeine rich drink, a black tea or Coca Cola, for example) and stay away from smoking (that is good advice for anybody, with or without insomnia problems).

* The use of alcohol right before going to bed will not give a refreshing sleep; you may wake up during the night.

* Don't take any nap throughout the day, unless you are exhausted.

* It is a good habit to wake up at the same hour, no matter if it is a weekday or weekend.

* Exercise daily using aerobic exercises, but don't exercise just before going to sleep.

* Put an illuminated clock, if you are using one, in a place where you can't see it.

* It is preferable to use a firm mattress, and not a soft one, as it will give you a better position for the muscles, refresh the air and keep a lower temperature, not very high.

* Try using a drink before bedtime: some milk, warmed, or a lime tea. Onions eaten at night are good.

* You can also use a good massage.

* Listen good, relaxing music.

* Earplugs are a good idea if you have a noisy environment.

* Don't watch stimulating television shows late at night and don't read stimulating books.

If you still can't get rid of the insomnia, maybe it is good to check with your doctor to eliminate other possible health problem (such as depression, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Additionally, there is another solution to beat insomnia, as many people have experienced it, one that is natural, doesn't create dependency and gives you rapid results. - 30196

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Unlockk the Hidden Resources of This Insomnia Natural Remedy

By William Wallace

Envisage you sleeping tonight and having a good rest in a long time. To sleep the whole night and get up refreshed. Anyhow, there is an insomnia natural remedy that might do that for you.

What is the worst thing you could do when you are trying to get asleep, when you have insomnia? Trying to get asleep. Sounds like a vicious circle. But how can I NOT try to get asleep and get asleep? Is it possible?

I think there are many people who can recommend at least one insomnia natural remedy to get asleep, but I want to tell you now about a revolutionary insomnia therapy that could help you get asleep and cure other problems too. This proven technology is not quite new. It's been used since the 80's to strengthen memory, increase focus and concentration, treat ADHD, depression and, among other things... insomnia.

The Earth is filled of pulses. Our brain also produces specific pulses. While functioning it produces different types of pulses. While the mind functions it produces a form of pulses, and when resting it generates other types of pulses. Also, during the sleep, there are more types of pulses the brain creates, characteristic to various phases and depths of sleep.

If you look to get asleep by this your brain produces pulses characteristic to active state, this way you turn around and round. This audio technology I would like to present you is named "brainwave entrainment" doing just that, training the brainwaves to correspond to those specific to the sleep state. A fact worth mentioning is that this revolutionary insomnia natural remedy, which is based on a proven technology, doesn't make you dependent on it and it has no negative effects.

And what is quite remarkable is that the same technology can also relieve anxiety. A lot of persons are affected by anxiety. Each time anxiety would try to get in, you can stop right in its tracks using this proven insomnia natural remedy or therapy. - 30196

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The Best Insomnia Remedy May Be Completely Natural

By Janice Hopkins

It could be that the insomnia treatment that works best for you is not a direct treatment of the sleeplessness itself, but a rearrangement of your lifestyle. You may still want to consult a doctor to be sure the insomnia doesn't indicate another physical problem, but making certain changes to your pre-bedtime habits and even your sleep habits may be the best insomnia remedy of all. This rearrangement is often referred to as "sleep hygiene," because in a way it cleans up some messy habits that might contribute to insomnia.

The primary measure everybody recommends as an effective and natural insomnia remedy is to associate your bed with sleeping, instead of with the insomnia. Many doctors suggest that you shouldn't go to bed if you're not yet drowsy, and you ought to get up if you haven't fallen asleep after twenty minutes, or if you have insomnia during the night.

Grab a book and find a comfortable place to sit with a non-caffeinated drink, as it will be less difficult to unwind if you aren't lying in bed and worrying about being awake. This might can be an effective cure for your sleeplessness that automatically causes you to feel sleepy when you climb into bed.

A regular nightly routine is another thing that many consider to be the best insomnia remedy. Following the same rituals each night triggers your mind and body to prepare for sleeping. Take a warm bath, do some reading, or have a snack. Go to bed at the same time every night, rising at the same time each morning, including weekends. If you need weekends to sleep in and "catch up," then this indicates you're not getting enough sleep each week night. Creating a regular nightly routine will help form sleep patterns that may eliminate both the sleeping problems and the need to "sleep in."

The best insomnia remedy might not involve drugs or medications at all. If you reserve the bed only for sleep and intimacy, and keep the television, food and working papers in another room, then that may eliminate much of your problem. In the last few hours before bedtime, try not to exercise too hard or get your metabolism fired up with caffeine or other stimulants. These aforementioned insomnia remedies are simple to implement, but might have far-reaching results in your life. If you establish a habit of sleep-appropriate behaviors before bedtime, then you may find your sleeplessness vanishing without the need of medical treatment. - 30196

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Can't Sleep? Try Feng Shui as an Insomnia Remedy!

By Keira Adams

If you suffer from the sleepless nights of insomnia, and are open to different ideas, you should investigate the practice of Feng Shui to help give you a more restful sleep. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that aims to channel the flow of energy between earth and heaven in order to help individuals live in harmony with this power. Some of the principles of this belief system may recommend ways of arranging your bedroom that will permit your natural energies to flow properly, letting you sleep when it's the right time.

The first thing to think about when trying to treat your insomnia condition via Feng Shui is the positioning of your bed. Placing a bed close to a window may cause energy to drain from the room, so some other location is preferred. Yet you must also avoid positioning the bed directly in a corner, since energy is thought to be stagnant in the corners. The optimal location would be against a wall that doesn't have a window. Yet, when you're laying in the bed, you must also be able to see the entrance to the room and whoever might be entering, but the foot of the bed can't be pointed at the door. If this can't be accomplished through any available placement of the bed, you can still accomplish the same effect by hanging a mirror where it will reflect the entranceway so you can see it from the bed.

The surroundings are important too. Things with pointed corners create "energy arrows" that disrupt the flow of energy or even create negative energy. So if you have several bookcases or a desk, place them so that you're not facing them when lying in bed. If possible, it would be even better to have those things in a different room. If you can, keep the bedroom as uncluttered as possible, or have things with more rounded corners, which in Feng Shui would be regarded as more beneficial.

Since everyone is affected by the visual impact of their surroundings, another way the bedroom can be prepared for better sleep is by changing the look of some things. Recommended colors for the bedroom are skin tones, so they range from white to chocolate brown, rather than bright colors. The lighting would ideally be candles, but having several levels of light, from cozy and dim to something brighter, will be helpful.

Even if you are somewhat dubious concerning these principles, there's no question that a lot of the Feng Shui recommendations are in accordance with medical cautions about distracting influences and stimulations in a room meant for sleep. You won't do any harm by trying out these suggestions, and it's very likely to help. By arranging your bedroom in relation to the principles of Feng Shui, you might create a room that is more calming or even healing, a room that enables you to experience a restful, refreshing sleep. - 30196

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Women's Sleeping disorders - Methods To Deal With Sleepless Nights Simply

By Jose Wellingtons

Insomnia is a big problem for anyone suffering from it. Not only does it affect your lifestyle but it also ruins your health and brings upon the weakened immune system. For many, the inability to sleep can be a real nightmare.

Getting enough sleep is so important for our vital organs to function correctly and for the body to recharge and repair itself. It is recommended that we get a minimum of eight hours a night, but unfortunately too many people are getting by on much less than that.

There are a large number of cases where women who approach 40 years of age start to develop sleeping problems. The reasons for this are still unclear but it research has shown that the two major causes for insomnia are menopause as well as increased stress levels.

There is usually a cause for your inability to get a decent sleep pattern, and that could be because your body responds differently to sleep as you get older. Knowing this alone can help a lot and ease your anxiety and help you accept the circumstances of aging.

So how can you establish a healthy sleep pattern naturally, without the use of drugs? Here are a few suggestions.

Maintaining a routine is important and you should try your best to wake up at the same time daily during the working week, and also weekends if possible (we all love sleeping in on Saturdays but doing that could break our pattern for the following week).

Perform a sleep ritual on a nightly basis so your body recognizes through repetition, when it is time to shut down. You can achieve this by reading a book in bed for 30 minutes or so, or even having a warm drink such as caffeine-free tea (Rooibos tea is a great example of this). Watching television is not a good idea if you're trying to get to bed as it might be too much of a brain stimulus.

Also make sure your room is completely dark. Draw the curtains and shut off as many lights as possible in order to reduce any further stimuli. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, rather than trying your hardest to get back to sleep (which usually doesn't work), try sitting up in bed and stare at a blank wall with your eyes wide open. Try not to sleep, and you will often realize the opposite effect. - 30196

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You Should Know That There Are Excellent Sleep Aids Available To Help In Getting A Good Night's Sleep

By Christopher Adams

For some individuals, sleep aids are the only way of getting a good night's sleep. Insomnia is an enormous issue for more than a few people. It causes many lost days of work, irritability and sluggishness during waking hours, and believe it or not can contribute to difficulty losing weight. It is no surprise that so many people need help obtaining a good night's sleep.

The causes of insomnia are quite numerous. More than a few of these individuals worry endlessly about making ends meet, family situations, job performance, and much more. Sadly, this only exacerbates the problem, causing further sleep loss, and frequently resulting in depression. Left unchecked, insomnia can lead to health condition that were not formerly present.

There are certainly self help techniques for insomniacs, that truly work. Making better lifestyle choices is definitely at the top of the list. If you are having trouble sleeping, the first thing to do is reduce the amount of coffee, tea, or any other stimulants that are used throughout a regular day. Alcohol should also be avoided, as it is a large factor in sleeplessness.

There are many music cd's available, that have been made specifically for the use of people who suffer with insomnia. These relaxing sounds have a calming effect on the body, resulting in the ability to get to sleep, and stay asleep. Non-rigorous exercise or yoga are also and excellent sleep aid for more than a few people. Many individuals swear by the benefit of certain calming foods as well.

Individuals who have very little activity in their day are much more prone to sleep disorders. Make a regular habit of getting as much movement as you can every day. If you work at a desk for long hours, be sure to take walking breaks, to keep from feeling sluggish, and to burn off extra energy. Make this part of your daily routine. You should also make a regular bedtime routine. Try to keep it as much the same each night as possible.

Herbal tea is a great sleep aid, but be sure to chose the correct one. If you choose a tea that is high in caffeine, you will be making the situation worse, rather than improving it. There are more than a few herbal teas made specifically for aiding in sleep. You will find most right in your local grocery.

Herbs, melatonin, and tryptophan are all claimed to be useful sleep aids. All of these natural remedies work with the bodies natural fundamentals in order to induce sleep. Melatonin is naturally released within the human body when it becomes dark. One way to increase this release is through the use of room darkening shades. These shades are useful for individuals who need complete darkness in order to fall asleep.

If you absolutely feel the need to use a sleeping pill, be sure to use it for the shortest time necessary. Make sure to discuss the sleep problem with your doctor. Remember, that sleep aids can be short term, and will have you on your way to getting a good night's sleep. - 30196

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Getting Rid Of Stress

By Andrew John

Many of us suffer from "typical" everyday problems. An annoying workmate, problems with money, traffic jams or unhappy love - they all cause stress to grab you by the throat in no time. You simply have to learn how to cope with such situations in order to remain balanced, happy and capable of living your life to the fullest.

The best way to soothe your nerves is to go for a walk or do anything you like doing. It really does not matter whether it is a card game, walking a dog or playing in a video game. If you enjoy it, you will feel relieved and your stress level will plummet.

Here are a few tips for those who are not sure what they really like doing. First, you may consider taking long rides in the country. Leaving the area you are familiar with and getting some fresh air may de-stress you quickly and let you adopt a different attitude towards your problems. If you can make it a romantic getaway, do so. It will serve well both to you and your loved one.

You may also want to try a hot bath - preferably with a lot of bubbles. Aromatherapy oils may also help you de-stress. First, they will make you feel safer, in a warm aromatic place where no one can harm you. Then, both aromatherapy oils and hot water makes your muscles relax and gets all problems away from your mind at least for a few hours.

You may also want to try preparing something nice to eat or drink. Having your favorite meal you have just prepared will make you feel much better and doing something for you instead of someone else may be very refreshing. This will let you do something right for a change as well as give your mind chance to get off the problems which are haunting you.

Knowing how to calm yourself down will let you deal with much more serious problems without even flinching. If you have created a safe haven to get back to, your body and soul will be nearly 100% safe against stress. As long as you have something to long for or a situation you'd like to return to from time to time, stress won't affect you anymore. - 30196

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